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In more than 25 years we have supplied moulding plants and the total is now over 20 in all types of production. Specialised supply from Awema covers one-shot production and hollow goods, and they are confident producers of robotic decorating systems for confectionery. Connect to Awema for technical information -

Alternatively  larger size plant can be supplied by Tecnosweet, and covers high tech buffer supply of production to flow wrappers, double twist or 100g bar wrapping machines. Tecnosweet is part of the ACMA /GD group and the sales department for all the chocolate support machines is MC Automations. The group supply the full chocolate process from moulding to packaging.

The latest moulding plant offers chainless mould movement, making the plant efficient and easily cleaned.Full plant layout at Interpack, working on-line for a clear demonstration of chocolate manufacture and wrapping. Delivered by specialists, all part of the COESIA company group